Fresh, local meat

Chapmans butchers

We are proud to source all of our meat from reputable and sustainable farms and abattoirs in Great Britain.


pork,bacon & sausages

Pork chops

Pork chops, steaks and tenderloins offer the perfect choice for grilling or roasting.

Back and streaky bacon, cured on the premises and available both smoked and unsmoked.

Pork sausages

Plain pork, pork & leek, pork & sage and pork with red wine sausages or plain pork chipolatas.


Casserole steak

Rump ends are the perfect choice for casseroles, either diced or left in strips.

Sirloin steak

Sirloin, rib-eye and fillet steaks cut-to-size for frying, roasting or grilling.

Steak mince

Super-lean rump steak, minced twice for the same great flavour as our prime cuts of steak.

lamb, chops & cutlets

Lamb neck fillet

Lamb neck fillet, diced or left as pieces for a lean, flavoursome curry, or even roasting.

Lamb chops in mint

Double (Barnsley) chops and chump chops, served plain or marinated in mint.

Lamb cutlets

Lean and scored for the ultimate Mediterranean taste, also available as whole racks.

chicken & duck

Chicken breast

Chicken breasts on and

off the bone, as well as drumsticks, thighs, whole legs and skinless chicken goujons.

Marinated duck breast

Marinated chicken in 

Lemon & chilli, Lemon & coriander, French garlic, Red thai or Cajun.

Plain duck breasts

Duck breasts are a great alternative, either plain or marinated in a Cantonese or Ginger Chilli & Lime sauce.