Roasting Joints

Chicken in oven

Roast chicken

A classic dish.

Our chickens are sourced locally from Norfolk and we always make sure that we have a variety of different sizes and weights available.

Roast beef

If you like your beef super lean, our roast sirloin or topside joints will go down a treat.

Or if you prefer a bit of marbling in your beef for that little more flavour, why not try a piece of rib, on or off the bone?

Roast Lamb

Shoulder or leg

Marinated or plain?
On the bone or rolled?

Whatever your preference, we can cater to your needs and we also sell half shoulders and legs, should you not require a whole one.

Roast pork

Sweet and succulent; that's guaranteed with our shoulder of pork.

Alternatively, our pork Supertrim is sure to be a hit with your guests. Two loins of pork, boned and rolled, and wrapped in crunchy crackling all the way round. Mmmm.